Meditation & Yoga


Teaching the practice of mindfulness.

As a meditation practitioner, yoga instructor, and neuroscience consultant, I specialize in teaching both the science & practice of mindfulness.

Meditation Practitioner

With over 15 years of self-guided practice, I create, facilitate, and lead evidence-based guided meditation programs for individuals and groups with varying degrees of experience, prioritizing focus on how meditation impacts your brain and behaviour. 

Yoga Instructor

After completing a 200-hour registered yoga teacher training certification in 2018, I began leading yoga instruction for both individuals and groups, placing particular focus on cultivating mindful awareness of biomechanics and functional movement.

Neuroscience Consultant

As a contemplative cognitive neuroscientist and wellness educator, I create accessible content and provide consultation on the neuroscience of meditative practices with an emphasis on optimizing human behaviour, mental health, and well-being. 

Science meets practice.

I study what I practice and practice what I study. 

Integrating science and practice to optimize your well-being.

Collaborate. Consult. Connect.

Want to learn more about the science and practice of mindfulness?

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