Mindful Insights


Integrating the science & practice of mindfulness.


Mindful Scientific Inquiry

Curiosity. Open-mindedness. Awareness. Humanizing all things science by applying mindful inquiry to evidence-based, data-driven storytelling.

The Mindfulness Paradox

Western Science. Eastern Philosophy. Studying the science of mindfulness while embodying the practice of mindfulness can be so paradoxically challenging. Why straddling the tension of two seemingly opposing perspectives is unique to studies in mindfulness and  contemplative cognitive neuroscience. 


Is mindfulness over-franchised? The buzz of mindfulness has become so mainstream, it’s virtually everywhere. What has this commodification done to the science and practice of mindfulness? Why “trendy” scientific applications are contributing to the noise and misappropriation of an ancient contemplative philosophy.


PhD: Navigating Academia

From the highs and lows to unexpected twists and turns—no holds barred on all topics related to successfully navigating the many challenges and barriers of an academic journey. Strap in, you’re in for a bumpy ride.

Things I wish I knew before I started graduate school

The importance of emotion regulation. Saying no. Healthy relational boundaries. University policies & codes of conduct. Human rights. Student-supervisory guidelines. Power imbalances. A list of things I wish I knew before entering graduate school. 

If I could start over...I probably wouldn't

Is the over-production of PhDs in this skill-based economy justified or is it a consequence of an outdated, antiquated instutional problem? Let’s talk about the collective gaslight that drives younger generations to pursue higher education. 


The Mindful Edit

A collection of insights, reflections, and useful resources based on  contemporary issues and frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Science & Research

A list of key, seminal readings on the science & practice of mindfulness.

Personal Transformation

A list of my favourite books, practices, and tools of personal transformation. 

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